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What Can I Do?

Image by Joe Woods

Subscribe to Inside Time, the national prison newspaper. It gives an honest look, from the inmate’s point of view, of current conditions and issues behind the walls. The articles and letters are insightful, educational and entertaining.

The Listener scheme is a peer-support scheme within prisons run by The Samaritans, which aims to reduce suicide and self-harm. Listeners are prisoners who provide confidential emotional support to their peers who are struggling to cope or feeling suicidal. They are specially selected and trained for the role by our volunteers. Donate Here.

When the world opens up once again, The Howard League for Penal Reform often hosts events and panel discussions on the state of our prisons. Find the latest information here.

Timpson actively recruits those who have been in prison into employment. If you run a business, listen to James Timpson talk about why does this here, and think of ways your own company could follow suit.

Combat2Coffee started life as a coffee van that gave a space to talk for those who had been in the forces. It has evolved into an organisation that supports people with criminal convictions to gain qualifications and employment, whilst providing safe spaces for everyone in the community to talk, socialise and get support with their mental health. Follow their work here.

Contact your local MP to challenge the continued use of IPP to keep inmates beyond their tariffs.

Become a volunteer with Shannon Trust, an organisation that supports people in prison to learn how to read. This priceless skill build confidence and self-esteem, but also better prepares people to navigate life on The Out

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