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Society, Change, Community - 9th May Newsletter

There’s been loads going on this week. With the paperback of CRIMINAL coming out soon, I’ve been back in the UK talking all about the failures of our prison system. I’ve been to the University of Warwick, speaking to the Open University Psychological Society at their conference on Violence. Then it was up to Manchester, to talk to the Unlocked Graduates about how multidisciplinary working between officers and civvies can make a massive difference behind the walls. Finally, I got to catch up with Diane Curry OBE, CEO at Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group. I’ve hyperlinked to all, so make sure to check them out.

What I’m watching -

On 15th May at 6pm GMT there’s a free, online premiere of ‘Clean Slate’, a documentary all about recovery, with filming starting in rehab.

I found out about this on the Recoverlution website. I hope I can now call Daniel Fincham, CEO of Recoverlution, a friend. It’s been brilliant to connect with him and find out about the work he’s so passionate about.

He’s ‘created the world’s first recovery platform; a hub dedicated to content, community and wellness for recovering addicts…shining a light on recovery and celebrating its power to transform lives with our content and wellness platform that connects, supports and grows recovery communities.To learn more, click here.

What I’m reading -

All The Houses I’ve Ever Lived In – Kieran Yates

'In prose that sparkles with humour and warmth, Yates charts the heartbreaks and joys of a life spent navigating the chaos of the housing system. She exposes the issues underpinning the crisis, from the state’s neglect of social housing to the rental rat race, and the disproportionate toll these take on the most marginalised in society. Drawing on interviews with tenants across the country and the stories behind our interiors, she explores the unexpected ways we can fight back – finding beauty in the wreckage of a broken system, friendships in cramped housing conditions, and home even in the most fragile circumstances.'

What I’m listening to –

I went back to an old episode of Raphael Rowe’s Second Chance Podcast, with Lady Unchained. I had the absolute please of doing a Tortoise Media talk with Brenda last year, so hearing her speak so eloquently on the subject of women in prisons is always inspiring.

Raphael Rowe – Lady Unchained

And for all the latest bits of writing I've been doing, and to learn more about the book, click here.

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