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Book, Podcast & Event Recommendations

Back in Italy for two weeks and I'm nose to the grind writing, what I hope will be, the next book, while preparing to celebrate the release of Criminal in paperback tomorrow. If you haven't read it yet, it's really bloody good, and I'll start with a quick plug to buy it here.

If you have read it, reviews mean everything. The good, bad and ugly are all important and I'd love it if you could pop a few words on Amazon or Goodreads to share with the world what you think (the hyperlinks will take you straight to the review pages).

But, enough about me and more of the best books, podcasts & events this week

What I'm Reading -

My Fourth Time We Drowned - Sally Hayden

I've already listened to the audiobook and it's harrowing. It includes the voice messages of refugees and asylum seekers, often begging for help, as they make their way across Europe. I'm re-reading now and although it's tough going, it needs to be read.

What I'm Listening To -

Trapped: The IPP Prisoner Scandal

If you haven't seen this over on Twitter yet, this podcast is about to be released. Hopefully, it'll raise awareness to the wider public, and keep the momentum building to finally do something about this 'stain' on the justice system.

Events I'm Attending (Tomorrow!!!) -

Autism in the Criminal Justice System & The Psychology of Extreme Violence with Professor Clare Allely

I know I should have put this out sooner, but tomorrow Professor Clare Allely is talking both in person and online. I was lucky enough to hear her speak an the OUPs event earlier this month and this subject is fascinating.

Thank you!

Finally, although I'm pretty knackered after speaking / writing / travelling constantly for the past month, I'm feeling incredibly lucky that I get to meet, speak with and work alongside so many people striving to make the world a better place. So, thank you to all of you who've been so supportive over the past couples of years, it's been an absolute pleasure.

Next week -

Next week, I'm talking on the What is A Good Life? podcast with Mark McCartney and I'm so excited about this. Really recently, I think I've come closer to an answer to this question. I'll write more about the subject once the episode comes out, but it feels incredibly relevant to the writing I'm hopefully going to be able to talk more about soon!

If you want to know more about me, you can click here.

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