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Paperback - 25th May 2023

We cannot hide the problems of our society behind walls and bars and pretend that we’re safer because we do. It is essential to listen to the stories of these men, look at the truth of our broken system and then strive to make the world a better place. Because right now, the state of our prisons is criminal.

Criminal - How Our Prisons Are Failing Us All

Hardback - 26th May 2022

This is not the tale of being banged up with Britain's most notorious cons. While I will introduce you to the paedophiles, the murderers, the mad and bad, the stories I want to share are those of the the tens of thousands who languish every year in a system that creates more crime than it solves.

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Who is in Prison?

A brief overview of the England & Wales prison populations (soundtrack by the Irene Taylor Trust) 

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